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Our Specialized technicians will leave your Doors fully functional, sliding smoothly, you will not have to fight to open or close your Sliding Doors anymore.


Our main goal is to achieve the satisfaction of all our clients through a specialized professional service, based on the principle of Total Quality, which is to give our best in each job.


Our staff is committed, we have highly specialized professional technicians in our service areas


MVP Doors offers you an absolute Guarantee on the repair work and the new parts changed.

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About Us

We are professionals in repairing sliding doors and windows. Sliding types of doors and windows are some of the more complex and unique types of doors and windows. Thus, there are specific experts that work with these types of structures. We can help you with the maintenance as well as assess the window or door to see if there are any needs for repair.

We can check to see if there is any dirt immobilizing your sliding doors or windows, broken rollers, or even wrecked locks. We’re able to work with your complete sliding door or window with every inch of it. If needed, we can conduct the repairs or maintenance required to have your sliding door or window functioning again.

Do keep in mind that these sliding door damages do vary in complexity and intensity. Thus, there may be situations in which repairs might not be enough, requiring replacement services instead. We can help you regain the same or even a new style of sliding door or window. We also work within the areas of Miramar, Fl, so if you’re having issues with your sliding doors, do not hesitate to call us.

What We Do:

Sliding Door Repair in Miramar

Are you having trouble with your sliding door? Perhaps you’re having issues operating your sliding door, or maybe there is clear damage on your sliding glass door. In any case, our repair services can help you.

If your sliding door has any damaged or broken components, then we can fix those handles, locks, tracks, guides, bumpers, and strikes. You may also experience problems with outside air and water going through the sliding door, and you have no idea how, or you have a broken screen. If so, we can provide great service to solve those problems.

Sliding Window Repair in Miramar

Sliding windows are complex structures. If you’re looking to fix your sliding window, then professional repairs are most likely the best option for you. When a sliding window is damaged, it can either be repaired or replaced. With our services, we will make sure that you can feel more secure because we have been consistent in providing quality services for your home and business.

Why Choose Us

Sliding doors or windows that are damaged or not functioning properly can be a major hassle and inconvenience. If you’re looking to solve these problems, then you should check out our services. You can consult and have a talk with us to assess your problem so that we can send professionals that will be able to deal with your issues.

In addition, hiring our competent professionals will be both more efficient and productive. They have all the necessary experience and equipment to get the job done correctly, quickly, and safely. Repairing sliding glass doors can mean working with heavy and complex components that may even cause injury to inexperienced DIYers. Our experienced professionals can prevent these from happening.

About Tamiami

The area of Tamiami is considered a census-designated place located in the state of Miami, U.S. The place is currently populated by 55,757 people and spans an area of 7.429 miles². It is also considered the second-largest city in Miami-Dade County. The place is also an important tourist spot in Florida. By being the second-largest port of Florida, it also serves as a fur trade center, and it has gradually emerged as a major international financial and cultural center of Florida.

You can find all sorts of culture within the city, going from world-class restaurants, shopping, parks, art galleries, and theaters. Tamiami’s blend of historic architecture and modern urban planning has made it one of the hottest tourist destinations in Florida.



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