Whether you’re repairing your own sliding windows or getting them repaired by a contractor, there are a few steps you need to take to make sure they’re functioning properly. Having a window that doesn’t function properly can affect your family’s health and cause mold growth. Also, if you have water leaks, it can affect the health of people in your home. If you see signs that your windows are leaking water, it’s a good idea to have them fixed as soon as possible.

The first thing you should do is check the track of the window. This is where the sliding window usually rolls, and should be free of dirt and debris. If there is dirt or grime buildup, it can interfere with the sliding window’s operation. To clean the track, you should use a rag dipped in a solvent. Once the track is clean, you can replace the roller unit. If you have a wooden slider window, you can take the roller unit off by unscrewing it with a hammer. If you have a metal slider window, you may need to disassemble the bottom rail.

You should also make sure that the track is clear of any flat spots. If you have a window that rolls in a straight line, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to do anything to it. If you have a crooked track, you can fix it by bending it in the correct direction. You can also use pliers to straighten it. If your track is bent in the right direction, you can re-install it over the old rail.

If your sliding window doesn’t open or close properly, it may have a broken wheel or chain. You’ll need to take some careful steps to replace the wheel or chain. A broken wheel will make it impossible to use the window. A chain winder can also get stuck, and you’ll need to take care of this.

Sliding windows are very popular because they are easy to operate. They also brighten up your home, and the energy efficiency of the system makes them a cost-effective choice. They can be expensive to maintain though, so you may need to replace them if they’re broken. You can get replacement parts from your window manufacturer or from online parts supply sources. Some of these parts may also be purchased from home improvement stores.

If your windows are stuck in the open position, you may need to replace the roller unit. If you don’t have a wooden slider window, you can purchase replacement roller units from home improvement stores or online. Once the roller unit is replaced, tighten the mounting screws.

If your sliding window doesn’t move at all, you may have a damaged window sash. If you have a metal slider window, your sash may need to be replaced, or you may need to disassemble the bottom rail. Alternatively, you can hire a professional sliding window repair company. You can contact MVP Doors today at (305) 462-5119